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Terms & Conditions

01. Please note that we do not accept any liability for any bookings which result in late arrivals nor any losses arising as a result of late pick-ups or journeys taking longer than anticipated. We recommend that you allow plenty of time to accommodate any unplanned delays so as not to impact any onward plans.

02. All bookings for journeys to a railway, bus or coach station must be made for arrival at least one to two hours before your check-in / departure time in order to minimise any risk of losing the connection for onward travel.

03. All bookings for journeys to airports for flights must be made for arrival 2 hours before your allocated check-in time.

04. All other bookings for journeys to time critical appointments (e.g., restaurant reservations, medical appointments or veterinary appointments) must be made for arrival one hour before your allocated appointment time.

05. Before making a booking, it is your responsibility to verify the journey route and assess whether there are any known issues which may impact the likely arrival of the vehicle to your pickup point or your journey time. Please be mindful of adverse weather conditions, traffic, roadworks, road accidents or any other unplanned / planned issues which may delay either the arrival of your vehicle to the pickup point or the length of your journey to your destination.

06. If you require any adjustments to your travel due to a protected characteristic (e.g., disability), please provide any relevant information to us when making your booking. If your disability requires a specialist vehicle or the transportation of an assistance dog the additional costs noted in clause 15 will not apply to you. By providing this information, you consent to allow us to process this personal information.

07. Any lost property found by Driver Partners will be handled in accordance with our lost property process as listed on our websites above. We do not accept any liability for the loss or destruction of any such property. POL059/NC/18102021/v7 – Public

08. Where the wearing of face coverings is mandatory in the area where either the journey commences or ends, you will need to wear a face covering throughout the journey unless an exemption applies to you. Where an exemption does not apply, your booking may be cancelled by you or the driver partner if face coverings are not worn by you, fellow passengers or the driver partner.

09. No reservation is considers as accepted until confirmed by phone or email and passenger has been issued with the reference number.

10. Additional surcharge of 50% on the price listed on the site may be added on the following dates 24, 25, 26, 31 December as well as 1st of January.

11. There might be additional charges if the passenger has to make a stop during journey(minimum £5) or any other diversion on the way.

Refund Policy

Refund will be issued on the following grounds.

  • Booking on all credit/debit card notified 12 hours prior to the actual pick up time.
  • If the passenger missed the flight and informed us in advance either by phone or by email obtaining cancellation number.
  • All the cancellations are subject to minimum fee of £6.00.

No refund will be issued for following.

  • If the passenger books the PHV for wrong date/wrong flight number and other misleading information.
  • If the passenger leaves the airport or any other agreed pick up address without informing us for any what so ever.

Cancellation: Cancellation should be done 12 hours prior to your booking.